Flipbook Photobooth in Dubai and UAE

Do you remember Flipbooks from your childhood?

Let us revive the most modern form of Flipbooks into your next event. How we do it?

a. We create a 10 X 10 feet Setup at your event, invite guests to make a 7 seconds video. During shooting, they can play some sketch with props, dance or just send an air kiss. The produced video is converted within a few seconds by our software to the Flipbook and printed out immediately. With our special cutter, the Flipbooks are cut to business card size, a personalized cover (in your own design, with your logo or your advertising message) attached and stapled. Not even 120 seconds after your guests has entered the action area is the Flipbook ready to take. You will see many enthusiastic and amazed faces.

b. Our system also comes with a green screen option. The green background, in front of which your guests are filmed, can be digitally exchanged for different, moving backgrounds. This background could be anything from Burj Khalifa to Pyramids, from your brand logo to your party theme. Your guest already sees the video background in real time while recording on the monitor. Of course, the background also flows into the finished flip book. Furthermore, it is possible to include an advertising message as an animated scrolling text (advertising message), both on the monitors during the recording, and later in the Flipbook.

c. A Flipbook set-up will help you to quickly solve two problems at the same time: Entertain guests of the event and give them a great memorable gift. Flipbooks are ideal for corporate events, trade fair, birthday parties, weddings, employee/sales event, Team Building events, product promotions, anniversaries, etc..

Flipbook Cover Branding – The Flipbook Cover is probably the most important advertising ambassador in the Flip book. It goes with the Flipbook through many hands and cannot be overlooked. The Flipbook cover is stapled around the 60-page flip book.
You will receive a print template, which you can adapt to your needs.

Please see below some images for flipbook covers:

Please watch this Video to know more about our Flipbooks Photobooth

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