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Are you looking for Skyvertising? 'Flogos' means Flying Logos. It gives your logo & brand a superb flight, creating a mesmerizing effect that leaves the viewers wowed.



BoxiGlow is a complete photo booth solution for brands, agencies, businesses and parties. It’s the world’s sleekest and the most stylish Digital Photobooth.

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Get Photos from Branded events & Experiential Activations posted to participants Facebook Timeline to promote your brand & generate likes.



Xylobands™ are a new unique marketing product. Coldplay is using these amazing bands as a way to bring the audience into their show, and light up the crowd in a way NO-ONE has ever seen before.



Flipbooks are simply a 7 secs magic to memory of a lifetime. We create studio for your guest and deliver each custom branded book within 2 mins.


Kinomo Hypervsn

Kinomo Hypervsn solution allows 3D videos to appear floating in the air and being perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms.


About Us

Hello and Welcome to SnowMasters.

We take the lead in the field of events & advertising by offering an array of highly interactive and engaging event solutions and special effects – each designed to deliver unique and unforgettable experiences.

We provide creative technology for creative thinking and innovative events aiming to engage and inspire all who attend. We also provide our expertise and services to retail, experiential and event agencies to give consumers an unforgettable, immersive experience. We also provide a range of special effect products, which enhances the ambience, glorifies the atmosphere and makes sure that your guests and clients have a spectacular time and the event is remembered and talked about for months or years to come.

Call us at +971-581007735. or Email us at mayank@snowmastersindia.com